Our company offers a complete assistance to owners or managers of real estate made up of villas, rural homes, quality apartments, and their respective relevant parts such as gardens, farms, wooded terrain, etc. in the ordinary or extraordinary management of them, both if they are private residences or if they are to be used for tourism, such as holiday homes, farmhouses and residences.
This management takes care of all those necessities which can occur periodically over time or in given situations and, using a network of companies and people chosen throughout the region for their specific characteristics and recognised skills of professionality and propriety when carrying out their jobs, it manages and coordinates all the necessary interventions in order to guarantee that the owners or managers can use their property without having to worry about looking for or dealing on their own with businesses or craftsmen every time it proves necessary to attend to the property.
This is especially useful for non-resident owners, very often foreigners who have a stable home in other cities or countries other than Italy, as it also guarantees a periodic check-up of the property with a rapid communication if intervention is required. The welcoming service is also appealing, and it is especially appreciated by those people who wish to arrive at their property without having to first worry about checking the building, heating or airing it, or stocking up the larder. The service even guarantees a transfer service for those people arriving by plane, train or public transport, which cannot drop them off right on their doorstep.
Our company provides an initial free visit with one of our agents, who can be assisted by other professionals if this should prove necessary for particular requirements by the clients. During this visit, the characteristics of the building will be noted and, based on the requests of the client, an estimate will be drawn up. The esimate can be for a complete management, thereby foreseeing an annual or six-monthly management cost and the list of the requested services, or it could regard specific interventions and their single costs. In the case of management with a contract, the interventions with a fee which might need to be carried out while the contract is in force, will always be agreed upon with the client who will receive an estimate which must always be accepted by both parts before any work can begin.
As well as the above, we are also able to provide a condominium or a community property type of service, which deals with the administration and the division of the expenses between the housing units which make up the condominium or a local road belonging to the frontagers, including all the technical activities necessary for obtaining a precise picture of the technical and administrative conditions of the building or the road which is the subject of the intervention.